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5 Pro Tips to Upgrade to Google Ad Grantspro in 2016

It’s 2016. Are you still searching for a new years resolution? Here’s one suggestion:

Upgrade to Google Ad Grantspro in 2016

How sweet would it be to have a budget cap of $40,000 USD per month instead of the standard $10,000 USD per month? You could open up the floodgates in 2016! You could see a huge lift in web traffic like our client DBSA. You could grow your email list by thousands like our client diaTribe.

Your campaign management skills have been on point. You’ve been reviewing performance and implementing optimizations every week. Your account level CTR is above 1%. You have GA tracking installed, and conversions are coming in. You even completed an annual survey and have agreed to share conversion data. And you’re just about ready to submit the online application. Total rockstar.

Unfortunately, your account hasn’t been able to meet the $9900 spend requirement in at least two months over the last 6 months.

This is a challenge that many account managers face. It can seem much easier to meet all of the other eligibility requirements for Ad Grantspro within the first two months of launching an account, but it could take a bit more time to hit the spend requirement. (Please note: Trying to spend $9900 during a 30-day month can be a bit of a stretch. While it’s possible for an account to spend more than $329/day, it might not be consistent enough to meet the monthly spend requirement.)

So, what should you do? Get creative. Here are 5 tips to keep the daily spend level at or above $319.36 (for a 31-day month) and meet the minimum spend requirement for Ad Grantspro.

  1. Accelerate the delivery of your ads. By default, the delivery method for a campaign is set to optimize and spend budget evenly over time. However, you can choose Accelerated delivery and spend budget more quickly. This is an option for campaigns with Campaign Type: Search Network only – All features > Delivery Method: Accelerated.
  2. Use sitelink extensions. Sitelinks are a great way to allow users to reach specific pages within your site in one click, and the cost of a click on a sitelink equals the cost of a click on the display URL in the same ad. You can even use sitelinks to promote social media.
  3. Create multiple campaigns and uncap daily budgets. Even though the daily budget is technically $329, you can run several campaigns with high daily budgets to ensure delivery is not being capped. It’s ok if the total daily budget for all campaigns is above $329.
  4. Build out top of the funnel keywords. Ensure you are running on keywords that will keep up spend over the weekend. Oftentimes, an account can spend $329 on a weekday, but it could drop down to $200/day on a weekend. The Opportunities tab typically has a handful of keyword suggestions that can be added to new or existing ad groups. The Keyword Planner is also a great tool to use for finding new keywords.
  5. Last resort. If you find that you’re still unable to maintain a high daily spend over the weekend, you could use this quick trick: adjust the geo-target to include additional countries. While this change might not be in line with your campaign goals, it can help ensure the spend will not dip over the weekend. You can always adjust the geo-target for M-F delivery if your account spends more on weekdays.

Well, there you go. Hope these tricks help you upgrade to Ad Grantspro in Q1. Good luck & happy 2016! If you’d like expert help with Grantspro in 2016, please don’t hesitate to contact us.