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Google GrantsPro is Back!

Did you hear the news? After a brief suspension from accepting any new nonprofits in the Google Grantspro program, Google has reopened the application process! This is great news for current Google Ad Grant recipients. If you’re wondering whether or not your nonprofit is eligible for Grantspro, check out our blog post here!

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What’s the difference between the Google Ad Grant program and the Google Grantspro program? One very simple thing – $480,000! Grantspro nonprofit organizations receive $40,000 per month in free advertising on Google’s Adwords platform. Media Cause has several Grantpro clients. What this translates into for them is approximately 30,000 qualified visitors to their site every month. In fact, for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology it meant 4,300 new supporters who gave their email address to learn more about the organization.

The comeback of the Grantspro program couldn’t have come at a better time for nonprofits. Many nonprofits initially signed up for the Google Ad Grants program, but found themselves struggling to spend even a fraction of the $10,000 a  month. Dismayed, many organizations turned to Facebook. It was much easier to build an audience and could be managed without a technical expert. But as any nonprofiteer will tell you – Facebook is becoming much harder to get a return on the investment. Or, in other words, Facebook has shut down my ability to reach my audience and without a grant program of their own Facebook isn’t worth the time.

This is the perfect time to jump back into the Google Ad Grants program. Why? Because unlike Facebook, Google Ad Grants can deliver reach and help your organization build a more effective email list. Email is still the best way to reach supporters and the best way to turn those supporters into donors. Even better, Google is going to reward you for doing just that. They setup the Grantspro program to reward those organizations that can effectively turn their $10,000 a month grant into an effective driver of website conversions. Why not do this with $40,000 a month, instead of $10,000.

Need some inspiration? The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a member of the Google Grantspro program. In any given month they send between 30-40k users to their site. These are qualified users who are interested in their content. On average, we capture about 10% of those visitors onto our email list. That means 3-4k new emails in their file every month. Why is that important? Last year 60% of first-time donors came from online. And over half of online revenue was in response to email solicitations.

Bottom line: Spend your time building your email list with qualified individuals and stop wasting your time on Facebook. Google has sweetened the deal by offering those nonprofits who are excelling $40,000 a month through the Google Ad Grantspro program.

Media Cause is the national leader in Google Ad Grants and Google Grantspro account management. We turn those advertising dollars into measurable results for your nonprofit through building email lists and managing the lead nurturing of those lists. Get started with us today.