A Nonprofit Brand Strategy to Fight Child Exploitation

Thorn Digital Defenders Brand Identity & Logo Design

When Thorn launched a new tool called Solis enabling law enforcement agencies to fight child exploitation on the dark web, we explored a nonprofit brand strategy to create a complete visual identity system to bring their mission to light.  We focused on the objective of Solis to develop its brand traits – illuminating, guiding, trustworthy and expansive. 

Although there isn’t necessarily market competition for Solis, brand recognition and consistency was still important to visually convey the platform as a reputable source of information. Additionally, we wanted to keep in mind the seriousness of the subject matter while concepting how we visually represented the client throughout the brand strategy. From our intial drafts and concepts, we created several designs that illustrated each trait. Based on client collaboration, we revised the visuals down to the final selection, highlighted below.

Discover brand identity

Develop nonprofit brand strategy

Create consistent visual look and feel

After several iterations, Thorn chose the logo which most strongly aligned with their mission of enabling law enforcement to fight child exploitation on the dark web. We then developed comprehensive nonprofit brand strategy and guidelines for its use that stayed inline with wanting to be trustworthy, nuanced, careful, clear and quiet.

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