Holidays and Important Dates Digital Calendar

Important Dates + Holidays for 2024 | How to Add to Your Digital Calendar

For 2024, we’ve created a digital calendar filled with notable dates to remember around awareness days and weeks relevant to social good causes, as well as key moments for preparing for end-of-year fundraising and advocacy moments throughout the year.


PDF Version

JPEG Version


To add our holiday dates to your digital calendar, follow the instructions below.

👉 iCal

👉 Google


📅Instructions for iCal

To add these dates to your iCal, use this link (can be done on desktop or mobile).

On mobile, it will create a pop-up for you to add.

On desktop, it will download the ics files. Open this up, and it will add to your calendar.





📅Instructions for Google Calendar 

To add these dates to your Google Calendar, click this link (desktop only).

On your Google Cal, it should automatically appear in your calendar options for Google Calendar.



On mobile, select +Google Calendar at the bottom of the embedded calendar below.