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9 Step Nonprofit Social Media Audit

Many nonprofits we work with often ask us to diagnose their social media strategy. “Are we doing it right?” is a question that comes up often. To help nonprofits evaluate their  social media health, we’ve developed this 9-step blueprint to help determine the effectiveness of your current strategy, and identify impact areas to improve.

You can use the 9 questions below as a guide for your own internal thinking for your nonprofit social media strategy or send them to the experts at Media Cause for analysis and a simple blueprint of next steps.

  1. Which social channels is your organization on?
  2. What are your goals?
  3. Do you have platform specific goals?
  4. Is your target audience on these platforms?
  5. Do you have an editorial calendar for posting on social platforms?
  6. Is this integrated with other platforms i.e. email, blogs?
  7. Do you have visual production resources?
  8. What is your organization’s procedure for monitoring engagement?
  9. What is your data measurement plan for these platforms?

Get started with your nonprofit social media audit now!

nonprofit social media