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Classy + Google Tag Manager Integration Services

There’s a new way to upgrade your digital fundraising game. Media Cause is excited to team up with Classy and serve as the exclusive partner to assist Classy Clients with integrating their Google Tag Manager (GTM) accounts, a move that unlocks deeper measurement, ad conversion tracking, and A/B testing opportunities.

We’re launching this new service in close partnership with our friends at Classy to help give nonprofits the power to level up their digital fundraising efforts to drive more impact online. Whether you are looking for a basic Classy + GTM integration or additional setup, tag implementation, and custom development services, our experienced Classy and GTM experts are ready to dive in.

Integrating Classy + GTM unlocks a world of possibilities.

    • Go beyond impressions and clicks. Set up donation event and donation value tracking in your reporting so you can measure the Return on Ad Spend for every dollar you spend on paid media.
    • Branch out to new ad platforms. Since Google Tag Manager supports a wide variety of ad tracking pixels, you can experiment with new and emerging ad platforms, including Reddit, Quora, Criteo, Taboola, Outbrain, AdRoll, Marin Software, and Quantcast.
    • Listen to your supporters. Roll out services like Google Surveys and comScore on Classy landing and donation pages to gather supporter feedback and satisfaction.

How does it work? It’s simple!

      • Straight forward invoicing and stress-free payment using our easy online portal
      • You share platform access and our team handles the rest — including setup and quality assurance testing
      • Regular updates and communication over email along the way and final confirmation once the process is complete

Package Options:

Media Cause will help you get your Google Tag Manager account integrated across your Classy campaign pages. This option will include a kick-off call to discuss the project and require you to share your Google Tag Manager and platform information. From there, we will take care of the rest!

Once we receive access to your accounts, within 5 business days your Classy tracking will be up and running.

Cost: $1500

Additional Services:

Additional add-on services are available based on your organizations’ needs. Don’t have tags implemented? No Problem. Need help creating a Google Tag Manager account. Sure thing!

      • Tag Implementation – $250/per tag
      • Google Tag Manager Creation – $250/per domain
      • Custom Tracking Development – $250/per hour

Now, more than ever, nonprofits need to use every tool at their disposal to raise more funds from more individuals online. With this exciting new partnership, we’re thrilled to provide some of the best and brightest organizations around with a new digital superpower. Interested in learning more? Contact us for more details. 

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