Classy Tracking Link Generator by Media Cause

Welcome to the Classy Tracking Link Generator, a vital tool for any fundraiser using Classy. At Media Cause, we recognize the critical role of precise tracking in your digital fundraising campaigns. This tool is expertly designed to accommodate the unique URL structure of Classy donation pages, ensuring streamlined and accurate tracking for your initiatives.

Why is this tool a game-changer?

UTM Precision: Seamlessly integrate UTM parameters to feed your Google Analytics 4 with juicy, actionable data. Know where your donors are coming from and what inspires them to contribute.

Classy Source Codes: Our tool ensures Classy Source Codes are neatly appended to individual donation records. This means you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns directly in Classy with zero hassle.

Error-proof: Classy's URLs are unique, and adding parameters can be tricky. We've made it foolproof - no more puzzling over where to put what!

Media Cause: Your Nonprofit Digital Marketing Experts

As a nonprofit digital marketing agency and certified Classy experts, we're here to help you amplify your cause. This free tool is just a glimpse of our commitment to support nonprofits like yours in navigating the digital space effectively.

Ready to elevate your Classy campaigns?

Dive in and let our Classy Tracking Link Generator take the wheel. Need more comprehensive support? Our team at Media Cause is eager to assist with all your Classy needs and beyond.

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Need More Help with Classy?

Note: This tool is only intended for use with Classy-hosted donation page URLs. It will not work on other types of Classy-hosted pages, such as landing pages, or on external website pages that use Classy’s Embedded Donation Forms (Popup or Inline)