How to Plan Your Year-End Media Buying

In order to run effective and efficient marketing campaigns, you have to go through the critical process of media planning. Media planning allows you to determine where to deliver your message to best reach your target audience, thus giving you the very best chance of achieving your marketing goals.

When it comes to year-end fundraising season, media planning becomes even more crucial to the success of your nonprofit. More than ever, you have to compete with countless other nonprofit organizations for a share of your target donor’s heart, mind, and, most importantly, wallet.

To approach media buying in a way that helps your overall marketing efforts and drives fundraising revenue, we’ve outlined a quick overview to help your organization. Our guide, How to Plan Your Year-End Media Buying, will help you:

  • Define constraints
  • Identify audience, objectives, + KPIs
  • Select platforms, channels, + partners
  • Assess creative inventory
  • Ensure tracking + reporting