Advocacy at Nonprofits

At Media Cause, we believe advocacy is about shifting the balance of power. This involves the short-term, tactical strategies and the longer, wider vision of movement building, creating in-roads for stakeholders and allies to join you in creating the deep and behavioral change required to have an impact on the policy level.

Nonprofit advocacy comes in many forms, but the goal always remains the same—to connect, inspire, and motivate key individuals and influencers to create systemic change.
We believe communities and activists hold the solutions, and our role is to advance and elevate those voices to educate and engage the wider population to achieve the change we need.

Our Approach to Nonprofit Advocacy

When you partner with Media Cause, you get access to a full-service agency—a team of experts who are passionate about making change for good. From grassroots organizing to grass-tops engagement, we’ll identify your audience—as well as other groups who have the interest and potential to amplify your impact—and activate them through comprehensive, targeted, and impactful campaigns.

Three core aspects define our approach to advocacy:

At its core, advocacy is about shifting the balance of power. We run disciplined campaigns focused on actually moving the needle forward.

Pressure + Persuasion
You know your issue, and we know how to translate that into powerful and persuasive communications. But the best argument doesn’t always win—which is why we’ll help you bring public pressure to your side.

We understand the dynamics of people power, and we’re ready to help you grow and mobilize your networks and develop the groundswell you need to move your cause forward.

Our Nonprofit Advocacy Services

Audience Insights + Program Assessment

We’ll help you understand your supporters, take stock of what’s working and what’s not, and make recommendations to optimize your advocacy communications channels based on industry best practices. We’ll develop the strategies and key performance indicators necessary to help you optimize your advocacy program’s impact.

Clear, Compelling Messaging

We’re here to help you translate your cause into a powerful, motivating case. We work alongside your team of experts to craft compelling, clear, and creative marketing strategies and resources to support your campaign.

Clear and Compelling Communications

Let us help you de-wonk your issue and craft communications that resonate and reframe your message in a smart—but never simplistic—way.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

We’ll put our digital savvy to work and get you and your message in front of the right people. Together, we’ll communicate creatively to cut through the noise, meet people where they are—driving audiences to take action.

Volunteer Strategy + Strategic Communications

As the backbone of your movement, we’ll help you engage with supporters effectively, both online and in person, grow your base, and equip them with the content and resources they need to be powerful advocates and stay in the movement for the long term.

Advocacy Campaigns

We combine our nonprofit advocacy strategy and marketing knowledge with our technical expertise to identify the best tools to mobilize supporters and create a successful campaign. We’re a full-service team, with deep expertise in both fundraising and advocacy operations, and we know how to unite objectives toward holistic growth.

Advocacy Tools and Resources for Education and Engagement

Your influence increases with the education and engagement of your advocates. We can help you identify the correct tools or platforms for your program, create the content your advocates need to be more effective, and drive engagement to create impact.

Digital Mobilization

Maybe you already have a big base of supporters, or maybe you’re just starting to build your network. Either way, our team is here to help you take advantage of the latest tools and strategies to equipping your people to champion your cause in their communities.

Volunteer Communications

Your volunteers are the exponential factor for your movement—but only if they have what they need to be leaders in their communities. We’re here to help you create the resources you need to power a powerful people movement.

rally starter website image

We work with many different advocacy tools including Rally Starter, our easy-to-use digital advocacy platform for creating petitions, starting boycotts, and contacting decision makers. With Rally Starter, nonprofits and organizers can launch a powerful advocacy campaign in 15 mins or less.

Connect with us on how your resources can be used to meet your programmatic goals.

Whether you’re chasing advocacy, mobilization, or engagement goals, our team is ready to tip the balance in your favor.