Social Media for Nonprofits

While social media is an ever-evolving landscape that can be tricky to navigate, it can also be a powerful tool to communicate and share your mission. Social media for nonprofits can help with many organizational goals, from advocacy to fundraising to educating supporters. Social media platforms are a great place to build community and keep supporters connected.

Our social media services can help your nonprofit stay up to speed and excel in strategies that drive engagement, inspire action, and build long-term, meaningful relationships with those who matter most.

Our Approach to Social Media

Our social media experts can help guide you every step of the way when building your social media strategy, whether it be exploring new channels, creating content to share, or looking into paid programs. We have a pulse on new platforms and updates to keep you and your team up to speed.

A strong social media strategy will help bridge the gap between your nonprofit’s mission and broader social conversations across channels to amplify your impact. Our social media strategy for nonprofits helps to build engaging relationships with supporters through social media, using an audience first, channel second approach.

Our Social Media Services

Social Media Strategy Development


A strong social media strategy will ensure you’re reaching the right audience in the right channels and giving your supporters important and relevant information. We’ll work with you to look at your existing channels and help develop strategies and tactics for social growth. 


Social Media Channel Management


Social media management requires a lot of time and attention. We can help reduce your time spent on channel management with our ongoing strategy and execution support services, including content curation, scheduling, community management, and more.


Social Media Reporting


It’s crucial to analyze the metrics on your social channels to see what’s working—and what’s not. Our monthly reporting services provide important insights by monitoring KPIs and updating your ongoing performance dashboard.


Influencer Marketing Services


Working with influencers can be a cost-effective and authentic way to reach a new audience on social media. Our influencer marketing services are designed to help you build an influencer program from start to finish. We can help identify influencers, create activations around them, and set up reporting once a program wraps up.