Nonprofit Website Design

Your website serves as the digital headquarters for your nonprofit. It’s where you share important news and updates with supporters and give them opportunities to take action. 

From full website redesigns and large scale content migrations to more targeted updates and ongoing maintenance, our nonprofit website design services are here to help your team develop the right solutions and build an impactful website.

Nonprofit Website Design

We know nonprofit organizations have unique website needs, and we’re committed to finding ways to achieve the most scalable, efficient solutions possible within limited available budgets.

We create websites, platforms, pages, and content that not only amplify your message, but also provide users with long-term opportunities—and immediate actions—to help accelerate your mission. 

We offer a variety of standard website solutions but can also craft custom solutions for your exact project needs. Through our cross-departmental expertise, we’ll partner with you to plan a website that looks and functions great, with smart nonprofit strategy baked into every decision.

Our Website Services for Nonprofits

Website Audit

Conducting an in-depth review of your existing website will give key insights into what’s working—and what’s not. We’ll assess content, navigation, site analytics, and conversion tracking and, based on our audit, will share our findings and suggest where to focus the redesign efforts.


Website Development

Whether you need a new landing page or a custom code website built from scratch, we’re well equipped to help reach your website goals and develop your new site. During the development phase, we’ll begin the data and content import process and set up any necessary environments and platform integrations.


Visual Design

Based on your brand guidelines, we’ll establish your site’s overall look and feel. Our skilled art directors and designers will create a cohesive visual approach for your site, including the definition of colors, fonts, and page template designs. We’ll tailor the page layouts, modules, and functionality to fit your requirements.


Search Engine Optimization + Content Strategy

Visibility on search engine results helps your target audience to discover your organization and increases organic traffic to your website. We’ll conduct an SEO keyword analysis and content audit to develop a content strategy for your site. We’ll suggest sitemap improvements and create wireframes adhering to UX best practices.

Website Deployment + Quality Assurance

Once the site is ready to go live, we’ll perform functionality and visual quality assurance to ensure pixel-perfect implementation. Once we confirm everything is set up correctly, we’ll deploy the site. We’ll also set up next steps for post-launch support and ongoing maintenance.

Maintenance + Optimizations

The work doesn’t stop once the site is live. We’ll conduct ongoing optimizations to improve conversion rates. This can include pop-ups, copy edits, email sliders, and anything else that may need improvement to make the most out of your site. We’ll help ensure you provide the best experience for your visitors and reach your nonprofit’s goals.