Maximizing the Benefits of a Google Ad Grant


Boys & Girls Club of Delaware wants to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens.

When Boys & Girls Club of Delaware came to Media Cause, they already had a Google Ad Grant in place but knew they could do more with it.  They wanted to increase traffic to their website and enrollment in their wide range of offerings for children and parents across the state. We were able to help them maximize the impact of their Google Ad Grant and better maintain it for the long term. 

The Outcome

By implementing new keywords and practices, we were able to significantly increase Google Ad Grant usage for the Boys & Girls Club of Delaware — going from an average monthly spend of only $1,000 to close to $10,000—reaching more parents and students and helping their mission to inspire and enable all young people.


increase in overall account spend, compared to the previous year


new total website visitors from Google Ad Grant over the course of a year


conversion rate
The Challenge

While better utilizing their Google Ad Grant was the main goal, this tied into the Boys & Girls Club of Delaware’s larger nonprofit goals of increasing offerings and awareness. They wanted to be known for more than just their traditional after-school programs and promote many other initiatives offered, such as summer programs and college prep courses. 

One of the biggest challenges when implementing this plan was the fact that they have multiple locations under one branch and a limited target audience due to Delaware being such a small state.

The Strategy

We started by performing an audit to see where their website needed to be improved and looked at how it was tied to and could affect the Google Ad Grant. Once the website was optimized and target pages had been aligned with the client, we went into the Google Ad Grant, restructured their whole account, and separated the campaigns. Next, we went through conversion and made sure everything was being tracked properly.

We added new content regularly based on where support was needed.

The Implementation

Account Strategy + Road Map

To begin, we analyzed what the top traffic drivers were versus where they wanted visitors to go on the site. Before we implemented the Google Ad Grant changes, we gave tips to improve the website to ensure it would be found the right way.

Once the website was optimized, we began to work on the Ad Grant campaigns. This included a series of different segments, such as programs offered and their individual club locations. We also set up another campaign that had career information, targeting new hires.

While not the main focus, we still incorporated their main traffic drivers into the mix. The main keywords we chose to target for their evergreen programs were keywords high in search volume, such as: summer camp, summer programs, and after school programs.

With the website optimized and the campaigns refined, they saw major improvement over the course of a year and were able to significantly increase their spend while also bringing in more than 20K new visitors to the site.

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