A game for people doing good in the world

As a digital agency that works toward social change and creating more good in the world, coming up with an appropriate holiday gift is difficult. While we want to support all of the causes that we find important, we can’t play favorites and look like we’re not supporting all of our clients equally.

We wanted to find something that really summarized the year, but looking back, we saw that 2019 was a grab bag of chaos. Melting polar ice caps, the loss of animal species, educational inequality, childhood malnutrition, domestic violence, and the list goes on. It was a bit of a bummer to see the state of the world, and we were struggling to find a way to celebrate it.



Hours spent writing, editing and finalizing the 450 cards


Potential card combinations


Very happy, appreciated clients

We identified the feeling we were trying to convey with our holiday gift. It should be a celebration, a reason to gather to build community, and a rallying cry that we can do great things in the world. We also wanted to highlight the incredible work our clients do day in and day out, as well as highlight the amazing culture Media Cause has created.

To meet all of these objectives, we started with what actually brings people together. Well, based on some pretty great happy hours, we know a good card game can cause a crowd to linger and create a lifetime of inside jokes.


Coming up with a full deck of cards was no easy feat.

Our senior copywriter took it upon herself to lead the charge, interviewing our account directors for input on 52 of our clients to make sure we were representing them appropriately. With a hefty dose of support and coffee, she then drafted, proofed and finalized 450 cards in under 3 weeks, with half highlighting our clients based on those interviews, and the other half representing Media Cause culture and values.

On the client cards, the bottom of the cards highlight the clients and their work, a subtle way to brag about the people and causes we get to work with. It’s not often an agency’s client roster gets to learn about each other. This proved to be a subtle, but effective way to connect everyone.


We printed all card options from a spreadsheet, cut them into strips and played a few rounds in the office to ensure our clients were the hero, people were having fun and we weren’t offensive in any odd pairings.

We worked with a local printer to create the most sustainable version of the game possible, printing on recycled stock for the actual cards,  boxes, and notes to explain the game.

The end result? Very happy and thankful clients—having fun with their teams.

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