Developing Foundational Brand Elements to Support Kids With Heart Transplants + Their Families


Enduring Hearts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding innovative research that improves the lives of children living with transplanted hearts, was having a difficult time recruiting new donors that were not directly connected to their founder.

While their work drives leading-edge research and helps impacted families manage their new reality, their messaging mainly focused on the technicality of the medical research—but did not create an emotional or personal connection between the children they serve and potential new supporters.

The Challenge

Enduring Hearts was having a difficult time recruiting new donors. Our challenge was to rewrite Enduring Heart’s brand story in a way that was relatable to more people, and would convey the human impact of the research they fund, allowing them to expand awareness, reach, and donor base through effective marketing and outreach.

The Strategy

We used the following discovery approach to address the challenges listed abo:

  1. Stakeholders interviews
  2. Extensive comparative exploration
  3. Persona development & messaging strategy

Rewriting Enduring Heart’s Brand Story

This discovery work was crucial to better understand Enduring Hearts, the broader landscape in which they operate, and identify hidden insights about their mission and work.

We conducted six interviews with Enduring Hearts’ founder, board members and staff, as well as with parents that are connected to the organization, and reviewed many foundations in the health space. Based on the insights gathered, we developed new foundational brand elements, positioning, and narrative, as well as audience personas, which we used to craft our initial test-and-learn messaging and communications strategy.

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