Embracing Healthy Lifestyles Through Nonprofit Lead Generation


Using digital advertising to generate high-value conversions is something we excel at here at Media Cause. Recently, ultra-marathon runner and wellness advocate Rich Roll and his team came to us in need of expanding the subscriber base for their plant-based meal planning app, The Plantpower Meal Planner. We created a targeted, multivariable social media campaign to drive free trial registration and paid subscriptions. Focusing on lead generation for this nonprofit allowed them to spark initial interest from a wider audience, while also prompting sign-ups from those more ready to take a bite.

The Outcome

Through our test campaign, we were able to identify the most efficient audience segments in addition to the optimal messaging, creative, and ad format on Facebook. While the goal of our campaign was not to generate a positive ROI, through our testing phases and optimizations, we drove a 151% return on investment and set Plant Power Meal Planner up for successful campaigns in the future, with new and happy users on the meal planner platform.


Return on Media Spend (ROI)


Registrations converted to subscriptions


Click-through-rate on advertisements

First, we tested 4 different messaging sentiments: (1) Focused on the benefits of the meal planner; (2) Focused on the emotion of transforming to a healthy lifestyle; (3) Meal planner user testimonials; and (4) First-person messaging.

Our optimizations found that the testimonial and first-person messaging resonated best with the PlantPower audience. We then tested different imagery, focused on images of food, the planner, athletic images, and a combination of healthy food and family. Once discovering that the athletic images performed best, we moved into phase 3: format testing. We tested Single Image, Carousel, Offers, and Video format ads on Facebook.

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