What’s the big idea? Kiva had one: Raise $1,000,000,000 in world-changing loans.

Now, that’s a lot of zeroes. We developed a multi-channel online fundraising campaign to celebrate the biggest milestone in the organization’s 12-year history — $1 billion in world-changing loans. We helped them get there by using a mix of paid media, targeted messaging, and creative assets that resonated with Kiva’s mission. A brainstorm turned into an idea, an idea into a campaign, and that campaign turned into the biggest milestone in Kiva’s history. They raised funding for their $1-billionth loan.


of participation goal met


Return on Ad Spend (ROI)


Increase in average loan amount

Multi-Touchpoint Campaigns

Momentum matters. When we need supporters to take action, we strive to meet them where they are on their twitter feed, in their inbox or chatting with their friends.

Captivating Words & Images

Powerful work deserves powerful communications. Copywriting, infographics, email headers, landing pages, the list goes on…all help you move communities toward organizational goals.

Targeted Fundraising

Fundraising works best if conversations happen 1:1. Digitally, we get as close as we can by targeting donors based on key attributes and actions.


Captivating Words & Images

Working in partnership with Kiva, we developed the 1 Billion and Change campaign concept, including the visual identity that guided the ad creative and campaign microsite.

Across the campaign, we leveraged custom images to effectively promote the campaign and reach the highest engagement levels possible. Visuals and messaging across platforms centered around key targets via age, gender, demographics and specified interests.

Multi-Touchpoint Campaign

In planning for the Billion and Change campaign, our focus was on developing a content strategy that would encourage user participation and effectively drive prospective lenders from their digital platforms to Kiva’s campaign microsite. Lenders could choose from any entrepreneur depending on their interest area. Unique to many online fundraising campaigns, donors (lenders) were giving loans – meaning that they would be repaid in the future.

We leveraged a multi-channel approach concentrated on four key areas:

  • Organic social media
  • Paid social media
  • Email
  • Google Ad Grants


In just 10 days, our campaign with Kiva helped fund the dreams of approximately 15,355 entrepreneurs around the world to create a better future for their families and communities.

At Media Cause, we say we measure our success by the impact we are able to achieve for our clients. We love when we can grow together with our clients, becoming extensions of their teams and using digital tactics to create change in the real world.

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