Saving Lives Through Digital Fundraising (and rat adoptions)

This isn’t your traditional digital fundraising example. We’re talking rats.

Yes, rats.

APOPO addresses global issues such as landmines and tuberculosis through research, development and deployment of scent detecting rats around the globe. Working with APOPO, we built a paid digital fundraising machine from scratch around virtual rat adoptions. Through this campaign, we ran a successful year-end push that raised funding for vital landmine and tuberculosis detection work.


The Outcome


Sqm of minefield cleared


Return on Ad Spend (ROI)


Average donation amount
The Challenge

Our goal was to establish benchmarks for paid Facebook fundraising for APOPO HeroRATs. Using these benchmarks as a baseline, we aimed to inspire people to donate during the holiday season and year-end funding drives. We did this by using Facebook Advertising, along with detailed audience targeting that focused in on a year-end fundraising push. Through this campaign, we not only encouraged donations, but emphasized gifting digital adoptions of the HeroRATs.


Captivating Words + Images

Powerful work deserves powerful communications. Copywriting, infographics, email headers, landing pages – the list goes on – all help you move communities toward organizational goals.

Targeted Fundraising

Fundraising works best if conversations happen 1:1. Digitally, we get as close as we can by targeting donors based on key attributes and actions.

Testing Great Ideas

Good teams help generate a wealth of good ideas. We put these good ideas to the test and let the community tell us what resonates with them best.


Facebook Ads

We tested out Facebook’s new Dynamic Creative ads feature, which allows advertisers running campaigns to test 6,250 ad combinations at once – with Facebook’s algorithm optimizing the highest-performing combinations. We developed a strategy using rich imagery and various messaging points all highlighting the digital rat adoptions and appealing to people’s generosity over the holiday giving season.

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