SEO and Strategic Content Increases Organic Search Traffic by 408%


CreakyJoints is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people diagnosed with arthritis and related conditions. In addition to patient-centered research and advocacy, an important pillar of CreakyJoints’ work is patient education – specifically, empowering patients with useful, research-backed advice and resources to lead healthy lives.

Since 1999, CreakyJoints has been publishing hundreds of content pages on their website, but while the amount of content increased, organic search traffic remained the same. This was a problem, because it meant that people with arthritis weren’t finding the great content that CreakyJoints spent so much time and resources in producing.

Starting in August 2018, Media Cause began working with CreakyJoints to increase organic search traffic. By monitoring and resolving SEO-related issues, optimizing existing pages for Google search crawlers, and providing content recommendations based on keyword research, we helped CreakyJoints quadruple their monthly search traffic after just five months.

The Outcome

Today, CreakyJoints’ content is reaching 4x the number of people it used to. That means more people living with arthritis and chronic pain are learning how to navigate their patient journey better: learning about the long-term effects of their medications, learning safe and effective ways to manage their symptoms, and learning how to lead healthy and empowered lives thanks to CreakyJoints.


Growth in monthly organic Google search traffic


Average time on site from organic Google search traffic


Percentage of Google search traffic who are new visitors

“Growing SEO traffic is a critical way to introduce CreakyJoints to people who are searching for answers to their questions about arthritis. Media Cause has been a valuable partner in helping to develop our SEO strategy. Their leadership, support, and insight have helped us achieve terrific success in a very short period of time.”

Lauren Gelman Director of Editorial Services, CreakyJoints / Global Healthy Living Foundation

The Implementation

SEO Strategy

CreakyJoints already had a lot of great content on its site. To make sure they were ranking as high as possible on Google, we optimize the most SEO-friendly friendly ones for SEO, including updating its meta data, adding H2 tags, and ensuring the content targets a specific and relevant keyword.

Every month, we conduct keyword research on topics that are most important to CreakyJoints and recommend new pages to create. This involves analyzing keyword search volume and competition, identifying the best keywords to target, and advising CreakyJoints on how to rank for those keywords.

Monitoring & Resolving SEO-Related Issues

We also provide CreakyJoints ongoing technical SEO support. It’s not enough to produce SEO-friendly content. Organizations must ensure their website is healthy as well. This involves fixing internal links that lead to pages with 404 or 503 errors and disavowing referring websites that have high spam scores.

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