Digital Advertising Drives Student Recruitment

Online student recruitment was a focal point of Unity College’s strategic plan. We started with a Strategy Discovery project in which we uncovered a few key messaging points. One of them, “this is your classroom” became a winning tagline that showcased Unity’s unique outdoor, hands-on learning approach to environmental sciences and the beautiful photography many of their students are able to take.

Our next challenge was to take that messaging to digital channels to drive student recruitment.


Increase in total traffic to website


Increase in out-of-state traffic


Increase in traffic from key recruitment states


To reach a specific pocket of soon-to-be college applicants, we turned to Pandora. In addition to the ad creative, script writing and overall media negotiation, we created a mobile-friendly landing page encouraging prospective students to schedule a 15-minute conversation with an admissions counselor. From previous campaigns, we learned that a single page, long-scroll format worked the best, paired with beautiful imagery from Unity College’s outdoor classes and unique student activities.

We generated over 1.2 million impressions and drove over 7,500 people to Unity College’s website.

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