Building a YouTube for Nonprofits Strategy for Kids' Education

BimBam uses digital storytelling to spark connections to Judaism for learners of all ages, allowing chidren to engage in the Jewish faith in a new way. We partnered with BimBam to optimize their video and digital strategy through audits and content optimization – specifically with a strategy focused on utilizing YouTube for nonprofits.

The Outcome

Through our work of optimizing YouTube for nonprofits, we drove 393,673 minutes of watch time for BimBam's Jewish animated show for children, Shaboom!


Increase in watch time from YouTube search traffic


Minutes of watch time referred by YouTube ads


Increase in watch time from Google search traffic
The Strategy

Before we can achieve a client’s goals, we need to know the lay of the land. Our discovery process allows us to assess existing efforts, successes, and opportunities before we dive in.

Our clients need help to change the world. Getting the right supporters on their side, and keeping them involved with the mission is critical to creating impact.

Powerful work deserves powerful communications. Copywriting, infographics, email headers, landing pages—the list goes on—all help you move communities toward organizational goals.


We completed a conversion audit of Shaboom! YouTube channel, BimBam’s animated show for kids, which included recommendations to increase watch time.

Then we optimized episodes of Shaboom! to rank for Jewish-related keywords on YouTube. And coupled with the $19,000 in YouTube ads, we focused on targeting young parents who are raising Jewish kids.

This kid-focused content has short clips full of songs, DIY projects, and most of all, beloved animated series about two magical sparks out to fix the world. With each video lasting less than ten minutes, driving over 390,000 minutes of watch time is no small feat.

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