Helping a Life-Saving Medical Device Company Put Impact Front and Center

Shifamed Brand Positioning

Shifamed, a medical device innovator that specializes in creating products to make high-risk procedures less invasive, was having trouble articulating the tangible impact of their work. While their products and companies are helping surgeons save lives, their brand voice was cold, clinical, and lacked an empathetic story: it solely focused on the technical elements of their work, which overshadowed the critical difference they are making in the lives of people everywhere.

Our challenge was to help Shifamed humanize their impact story, understand how it relates to their various audiences, and craft a new brand positioning to leverage across all brand communications. We sought to position Shifamed as a pioneer in innovation, technology, human-centered design, and mission-driven human impact – all while maintaining their deeply-ingrained culture of diversity, collaboration, and humility.

To tell this story effectively, we launched a comprehensive research and discovery process that included a competitive analysis, audience analysis, persona development, mission/perception discovery, and an existing communications audit. Building off of our insights, we hosted a collaborative brand purpose workshop with the Shifamed team to develop their brand positioning guidelines – highlighting core beliefs, brand definition, purpose, and vision.

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