Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado) by Mariola Grobelska

Resources for Native American Heritage Month 2021

[Image: Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado) by Mariola Grobelska. Mesa Verde was the first national park designated with the express purpose of preserving “the works of man.”]

The United States would not be the nation it is today without the contributions of indigenous Americans. From our government and laws to environmental practices and different food dishes we enjoy, their influence is everywhere. This is why every November we honor all tribes during Native American Heritage Month. 

Throughout this month, Media Cause celebrates the history, culture, and traditions of all indigenous people, and we want to encourage you to do the same.

Resources for Learning

What to Read:

Get Involved!

What You Can Do:

    • Visit a museum or reservation 
    • Read books by Native American authors
    • Plant native flowers
    • Attend or host an educational event
    • Support native-owned charities and businesses
    • ‘Decolonize’ your Thanksgiving dinner

Who to Support: