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5 Simple Steps to Prepare for a New CRM Platform

It’s no surprise that you want to migrate your donor data from your old or non-existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to a new one. As a best practice, make sure records are accurate and up-to-date before migrating data to your new CRM––quality data beats fancy algorithms. In this guide, we’ll walk you through five steps you can take to prepare for migration day with your new CRM platform!

Step One: Identify what data needs to be migrated

  • Write down your plan and include a flexible schedule. Identify the tough decisions up front and address them. For example, how much data cleaning is required with your migration, and when should that happen?
  • Determine what data should and shouldn’t be migrated. Given the volume-based pricing models of most CRM platforms, you may want to consider only migrating “active” supporters who have engaged with you within a certain period.
  • Define what a “complete” record is and how it should look. How many donor data fields do you need to create proper donor segmentation groups and carry out your planned fundraising campaigns?
  • Define the standards for a successful migration when considering whether old records that haven’t been edited in five years or attachments will be migrated.
  • Create a list of all the fields from each record that should be copied into your new CRM system.
  • Pay careful attention to opt-in statuses and map those subscriptions to your new system.

Step Two: Determine if any other systems need updating after migration

  • Do you have multiple systems that are exchanging data? If so, it is important to establish the workflow and priorities in case of a system conflict.

Step Three: Make sure all data is accurate

  • Ask your team to search for any duplicated records or years out of date and have them update the information accordingly before migration day.

Step Four: Identify how old donor and non-donor profiles will be handled after migration

  • Decide where you want to save your donor profiles after migration.
  • Which records do you want to keep, and for how long?

Step Five: Double-check everything!

  • Find any errors in your data or unforeseen issues to account for before they happen on migration day, and create a backup plan as needed.

Final Thoughts

At Media Cause, we understand how intimidating and overwhelming it can be for organizations to switch CRM systems. Our MarTech team can work with you clean and move your CRM data with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operation.

Now that you have these five steps to get started, make sure to revisit them often as you move toward migration day. Remember, your CRM system is the backbone of your organization, and with it working at its best, you’re on track for continued success!

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