Create Shareable Social Media Links for Your Nonprofit

Is your nonprofit’s digital content easily shareable on Facebook and Twitter? Follow the steps below to create shareable links to use in your nonprofit’s newsletters, campaign pages and more.

One of the greatest perks of having a lively and engaging digital presence for your nonprofit is to encourage supporters and potential supporters to share your content on their social media networks. While “share” buttons are now ubiquitous on the Internet, sometimes it’s necessary to create customized Facebook and Twitter links to make it easy for people to share your organization’s content.

Creating links for Facebook

Let’s start with Facebook. Using an example from a recent blog post – 27 Resources for Nonprofits on Twitter – we’ll create a sample link. The BLUE text shows the URL that you need to use to create a shareable Facebook link. Add a link to your nonprofit’s content (shown in ORANGE) at the end of the blue URL, so it looks like this:

You can now include this link in your nonprofit’s digital marketing materials. When users click on the link, they will see a thumbnail image and a blurb about the content on their Facebook status box, similar to the image below.

Creating links for Twitter

There are two ways to create pre-populated links to share on Twitter. One is easy, the other is hard.

Let’s start with the hard method. Here’s how your final URL will appear:

Like the Facebook shareable link, the BLUE text indicates the URL you need to use to create a shareable Twitter link.

The GREEN plus signs are used to separate the text you want to appear in the tweet. When supporters tweet this link, it will display the following text: “I am reading 27 Resources for #Nonprofits on #Twitter from @mediacause – check it out” followed by a link to the post.

The ORANGE portion shows where you include the link to the content you want to share in the tweet.

The %23 in PINK must be added before all words that you wish to be displayed with the hashtag symbol in the tweet. So in this example, the words “nonprofits” and “Twitter” will have hashtags before them.

And the %40 in GREY should be added before Twitter handles. Since the content is from Media Cause, we’re adding the %40 before “mediacause” which is our Twitter handle.

When users share the link above on Twitter, it will turn into a tweet like the one in this image:


If the method above was too complicated or time-consuming, create shareable links with Clicktotweet.

This handy link generator will do all of the above for you. All you have to do is simply write the text for the tweet, include the link you want to share and hit the “Generate Link!” button. You will then receive a link that will result in the same outcome as above – with less hassle! One important tip when utilizing this tool: Be sure to use a shortened URL like the link shown in the example, because Click to Tweet will count each character in the link toward your 140 character limit.

If you have any questions on creating shareable social media links for your nonprofit, feel free to to leave your questions in the comments section below or contact our in-house experts on Twitter – @mediacause.