If Not Us

Introducing If Not Us! Episode 1 – Make Advocacy Effective Again

Media Cause is proud to launch “If Not Us.” If Not Us is a series of candid conversations with people doing good in the world—and those stepping up to question and address important social issues. Each episode will be hosted by Media Cause with featured guests including activists, nonprofits leaders, social influencers, and change-makers. 

We’ll be diving into current events, sharing uplifting stories, discussing change happening around the world, while having some uncomfortable conversations, and addressing controversial points of view.

Episode 1 –Make Advocacy Effective Again


Today, I invited my colleague and Clara Campbell, Associate Director of Advocacy to join me in our first episode. Clara and I may be 4,700 miles apart but are here to talk about everything in between us.

One of the recent topics Clara and I talked about was WHAT THE F IS UP with advocacy in the era of Trump Republicanism, and what do we need to make it successful again? And that was actually one of the inspirations for this series, so it made sense to have this be the topic for our first episode.