Marketing Technology

Every organization has its own set of technology platforms it uses to achieve its mission—yours is no different. We take a holistic view of your entire technology “stack” and actively work to configure features, integrate platforms, and migrate to new solutions when it’s in the best interest of your organization and supporters. 

At Media Cause, we believe in user-centric technology: 

  • Platforms that, when configured properly and integrated tightly, bring supporters closer and make action effortless.
  • Systems that enable you to build better relationships with supporters — not complicate matters.
  • Workflows that automate manual tasks in order to give you the time back in your day—to do the important work you were hired to do.
  • Strong standards for supporter data and platform access, and advocates for strong cyber security practices
  • The belief that your users should be in control of their data, and your organization should be in control of your platforms

Website Conversion Audit

While the look, feel, and functionality of your site matter, what’s equally important are the technical underpinnings that allow you to understand how would-be supporters navigate through it, what they do (or don’t do) while they visit, and where exactly they came from.

Our tried and true auditing process is designed to evaluate where you stand in terms of tracking and create an easy-to-follow blueprint for you and use to follow in order to enhance your analytics operation.

MarTech Audit

With these insights in mind, we’ll develop the strategies to attract and retain these new donors, and help transform them from one-time supporters into long-term advocates.

By making sense of your marketing technology and (when needed) finding solutions to the platform problems that plague your organization, we’ll free up your team’s time to do what they do best. It all starts with our audit process.

MarTech Platform Research + Selection

Sometimes, you may be ready to move on from a platform but don’t have the time to vet other solutions in the marketplace. Our process is a pragmatic one. Before we review a single platform, we start by outlining your specific needs, wants, and “wishlist” items. We then develop a detailed grading rubric and deeply evaluate a small number of highly qualified platforms based on industry reputation and our own past experience. 

Our work culminates with a strategic recommendation, all-things-considered, that we’ll go over in detail with your team and use to chart the path forward together.


MarTech Platform Implementation

One of the most crucial steps you take with any new platform is the way in which you initially set it up. Our goal is to always free up your team’s time—and not create cumbersome manual processes bogging them down.

Our process involves careful configuration of all relevant features, creating new and improved templates, developing useful internal resource materials and setting up staff for success by running tailored training sessions.

MarTech Platform Integration + Deployment

Based on our work assessing your organization’s unique needs and interconnected technology stack, we’ll get to work using various first and third party integrations to connect your accounts to one another. This may involve one-way or two-way integrations, but it’s always focused on ensuring you have a cohesive picture of your supporters where and when you need it most. 

Because this process relies on a web of connectors, apps, and APIs, we’ll conduct a thorough testing and quality assurance process. Depending on the platform, this might mean running test donations, reviewing back-end reports, and conducting stress-test exercises.

Platform Migration

While we don’t yet know which platform or set of platforms you may be migrating to, we do know that the process itself can be demanding. 

But with it brings the rare opportunity to take a good hard look at your data, remove needless details, and create a more consolidated base to work from. 

While our process includes the ultimate import of your records into your new solutions, it starts with cleaning up records and developing a fully thought-out plan to maintain data integrity and hygiene moving forward.

Platform Training + Documentation

Let’s improve the technical literacy of your staff so that they feel confident when using the platforms you pay for and rely on, and give them an opportunity to bring up and resolve burning questions through a personalized training program and corresponding, personalized reference materials.

We’ll also create written documentation that covers the unique ins-and-outs of your technical stack—quirks and all—so that new staff and vendors alike can get up to speed quickly and institutional knowledge gets preserved.