Building a Brand: From Concept to Product Launch


Backrs is a crowd-backing platform that helps young people build and engage with a team of supporters who back them financially, emotionally, and personally on their life’s journey to achieve their aspirations.

As a new platform, Backrs had not yet established their brand, which led them to reach out to Media Cause for brand development, naming, logo and visual identity, and launch support.

The Challenge

When we first started working with the Backrs team, the platform was just a concept. It didn’t have a brand identity, logo, personality, positioning, or even a name, but it did have a mission—to use technology to create a supportive community of people who share their resources with each other and connect young people who need support with adults who are able to provide.

The challenge was taking this determined idea and give it a concrete expression that could be used to introduce it to the world.

The Strategy

Before the brand work even began, we held several information-gathering sessions with the client team to get to the heart of their intentions for the platform, as well as better understanding of the needs and circumstances of the various audiences they were creating it for. 


We then had them complete a self-guided group exercise designed to help draw-out their initial ideas and directors for the brand, which we discussed and debated in facilitated weekly work sessions. Through these collaborative sessions, as well as focused refining behind the scenes, we developed all the elements of their brand positioning in a little over four weeks: definition, mission, vision, values, and beliefs.

We also conducted several activities to help the team articulate their audiences and roles, and built a messaging framework to communicate the “reasons to believe” and “points of differentiation” that would resonate best with each segment.

Creative Strategy + Design

The Results

Unexpected ideas, human-centered storytelling, and attention-grabbing designs have the power to not only spark thoughts and emotions but also drive tangible action.

The key is understanding how to utilize each of the elements for the greatest possible impact. Combining strategy and insights into creative campaigns. Crafting concepts and narratives that build connections. Combining color, typography, movement, and messaging to turn information into inspiration. Each one of these components are important on their own—but together, they build the creative ecosystem of ideas, content, and activations that move your mission forward.

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