Building Relationships to Support Violence Prevention


Case Study: Futures Without Violence

Utilizing your nonprofit email list allows readers the ability to build a bond with your organization. Like many non-profits, sometimes the problem isn’t getting users to your website – it is building relationships. Unfortunately for Futures Without Violence, most visitors only stayed for a few minutes and didn’t return. The San Francisco-based non-profit has an important mission; they work to prevent and end violence against women and children around the world. When they applied for the Google Grant program they wanted to get more individuals involved in this mission.

In the six months prior to hiring Media Cause, Futures Without Violence received over 100k website visits from Google Grants while adding 0 addresses to their nonprofit email list. They needed to form a long-term relationship with these visitors in order to create true value from their Google Grant.

Over the course of three months, Media Cause helped collect approximately 3500 email addresses from new supporters. The best converting landing pages were converting at over 12%.


Supporter email addresses acquired


Website visitors


Conversion rate on top landing pages


  • To solve this problem, Media Cause created a strategy to build custom landing pages that collected email addressed from visitors interested in accessing fact sheets that shared interesting statistics and research about violence and violent behavior.

    We discovered through Google Analytics the top downloaded fact sheets and offered them to supporters in exchange for their email address. We were able to create beautiful, best-practice landing pages that were integrated with both their current website and their email management program.

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