Creative Campaign Supporting Women Peacebuilders

The International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) promotes inclusive and sustainable peace in countries affected by violent conflict, extremism, militarism, and closing political space. Recognizing the gendered impact of conflict, ICAN fulfills its mission through influencing peace and security policies and strengthening a global movement of locally-rooted women peacebuilders.

They came to us to partner in crafting and executing a collaborative campaign for the public to recognize and support women peacebuilders. The goal was to ensure that women peacebuilders are safe and protected, they’re appreciated and resourced to continue their critical work, and that governments fulfill their obligations to include them in peace and security decision making.

The Outcome

The campaign launch was planned with respect to the 20th Anniversary of the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda (UN Security Council Resolution 1325) in October 2020. Our original plan was to launch in the spring of 2020, giving partners time to host planned events before the UN General Assembly.

The Campaign

In 2019, ICAN organized a Better Peace Symposium, which focused on the recognition and protection of women peacebuilders as a sector and pillar of state-building. Out of this event emerged the Stand with Women Peacebuilders campaign, a comprehensive call to action to elevate their vital work. We partnered with ICAN to produce high-level campaign branding, messaging, and collateral for their initial March 2020.

Our Challenge

Our challenge was to take complex and deeply nuanced messages and translate them into a compelling campaign for the public. We knew there was a lot of education to be done around who women peacebuilders are and why their work is so important. We also needed to come up with a message that could be translated across contexts around the world while retaining its integrity.

We also needed to equip partners and other actors to mobilize their bases around the campaign with a low lift, supplying them with all necessary brand elements to make it as easy as possible to broadcast our message.

Our Strategy

Audience Research

We conducted audience research to determine who ICAN’s existing market was, and what we could do to expand their reach across the globe.

Simplified Complex Messaging

We created a clear and compelling messaging framework for all campaign communications that would engage audiences around the globe.

Campaign Activation Kit

We created a comprehensive campaign activation kit for partners to use that could be customized based on location and language.


We established the She Builds Peace brand guidelines, including the campaign’s logo of a rising bird – known as a simurgh – symbolized wisdom and collective ownership of solutions, along with templates of digital graphics, t-shirts, pins, and print materials.

All of this laid the groundwork for the development of campaign materials that partners around the world would use to elevate the role of women peacebuilders in their own communities.


We created a public messaging framework to clearly communicate the campaign’s goals, position our communications, and mobilize target audiences in a way that was easy to translate based on location, with consistent calls to action.

Additionally, we launched the campaign with a video, engaging our target audiences in the effort, and equipping global partners to iterate and edit for their own contexts

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