Drive Results: Increase Nonprofit Membership Growth With Optimized Landing Pages

Drive nonprofit membership growth can be done in a variety of ways – both on and off line. For our client CreakyJoints, we focused on the fact they are the “hippest” online community for people with all forms of arthritis and autoimmune disease.

In order to provide their audience with support and resources, CreakyJoints focuses on growing its online community of members. Our goal at Media Cause is to help CreakyJoints grow their membership as cost-effectively as possible. One tactic, in addition to community building, email marketing, and Google Ad Grants, is using Facebook ads to drive fans to optimized landing pages.


Conversion rate on new optimized landing pages


Increase in conversion rate over old landing pages


Visitors registered as members

“For our organization, Media Cause is a trusted partner whose commitment, dedication and value is seen by every member of the team. ”

David Curtis VP of Technology at Global Healthy Living Foundation, CreakyJoints

After Landing Page Optimization


Media Cause researched landing page best-practices and user onboarding techniques to customize a set of recommendations for CreakyJoints’ membership registration landing page. In this optimized version, we recommended three key optimizations:

1. The form lives on the landing page itself and above the fold, instead of in a pop-up.
2. Membership benefits are clearly detailed.
3. Language reflects what we already know resonates with the CreakyJoints Facebook community.

We then duplicated our Facebook ads and switched the destination URL to our new optimized landing page. The results were unprecedented at CreakyJoints.


Originally, our Facebook ads drove CreakyJoints’ Facebook fans to this landing page with a 8.29% conversion rate.

Now, our Facebook ads now had a conversion rate of 21.27%. Out of 1,000 visits to the website, 210 visitors registered to become a CreakyJoints member — significantly higher than the original landing page and global benchmarks of 8.08%.

The most exciting news is that we haven’t A/B tested new versions of Facebook ads yet, so there is great potential to increase the conversion rate from 21.27%. A higher conversion rate ultimately means more conversions at a lower cost.

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