CuriOdyssey Email Series: Engaging Families in Meaningful Science Education

Email marketing for a nonprofit best practices are a great jumping off point as we worked with our client, CuriOdyssey, to build relationships and deepen engagement with new and existing email subscribers, members, and donors in their community. We accomplished this by developing a series of four customized emails that take supporters on a journey from education to investment in the CuriOdyssey mission.

As a whole, CuriOdyssey inspires children to be curious about science education. As a science museum and zoo, there’s something that every child can learn, explore and experiment with scientific phenomena – allowing the natural world to answer questions versus in a classroom setting.

Since there are many distinct target audeinces, we used best practices in email marketing for a nonprofit to start a welcome series specifically geared to new members and donors. Here are our results:


Open rate for welcome series emails


Increase in open rates over list average


Conversion rate from subscriber to donor or member


Our custom welcome series exceeded CuriOdyssey’s average list performance and introduced new supporters to CuriOdyssey’s mission to give every child a world-class science education. Using our strategy for email marketing for nonprofits, We boosted click-through-rates and reengaged existing subscribers with imaginative downloadable science kits, which received a 27% open rate (35% higher than the list average). We built member loyalty with a special survey giving members the opportunity to weigh in on future exhibits

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