Google Ad Grant Strategy Drives 338% Increase in Donations


In order to increase donations to the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), Media Cause focused on optimizing a Google Ad Grant strategy to drive potential donors to key conversion opportunities.

NPCA protects and enhances America’s National Park System for present and future generations. We audited NPCA’s website to identify opportunities to increase donations. We then developed a Google Ad Grant strategy and performed monthly management and optimizations to capture new leads through NPCA’s best-performing content. Our strategy consisted of three parts.

As we continue to gain valuable insights from monthly data trends, we have helped inform NPCA’s website content strategy towards subject matter that is the most engaging to the user, whether it be discovery the national parks users are most interested in, or the specific causes they care most about.

A well structured Google Ad Grant strategy can no only boost web traffic, but optimize outcomes beyond just donations. From increased time spent on pages, to engagement with the organization or driving key conversions, all can benefit with a bit of research and strategy behind a Google Ad Grant, regardless of the funding amount.


Increase in email sign-ups, advocacy actions, and donations


Increase in donations through Ad Grant


Dollars raised in one month

Discovery & Analysis

Before we can achieve a client’s goals, we need to know the lay of the land. Our discovery process allows us to assess existing efforts, successes, and opportunities before we dive in.

Build & Engage Communities

Individuals allow organizations to achieve goals of all shapes and sizes. We seek out the right people and inspire them to get involved and take action.

Targeted Fundraising

Fundraising works best if conversations happen 1:1. Digitally, we get as close as we can by targeting donors based on key attributes and actions.


In the first six months of working with NPCA, we took advantage of their $40K Google Ad Grant, and drove 190,000 visits, 86% of which were new users, to their website. More than 325 new ad groups and 4,800 new keywords have been added to NPCA’s account in an effort to find the most relevant and high-performing keywords, and optimize towards performance.

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