Building NPT's Digital Foundation to Activate Supporters

National Park Trust (NPT) is a Washington DC-based land conservancy and environmental education organization dedicated to preserving parks and creating future park stewards. They work to identify key land acquisition projects that benefit our national parks while also connecting kids to these unique, iconic places. National Park Trust’s vision is that everyone will have an American Park Experience, which can only happen with widespread awareness and appreciation of our national parks and other public lands. 

When we started our work with NPT, they were struggling with brand recognition. Given that they had “National Park” in their name, it was hard to distinguish them from other National Park organizations. They also were facing the challenge of activating their email list – prior to working with Media Cause, they had never done a digital fundraising campaign.

In order to achieve NPT’s mission, we worked together to gain a deeper understanding of their existing audience composition and the best messaging strategies to resonate with their interests. We helped them find their target personas so we could reach people more likely to be interested in NPT’s work, and built a strategy designed to grow the organization’s supporter base and mobilize their followers to become loyal supporters and donors. 

Then, we utilized our marketing know-how to craft a targeted approach that helped NPT reach the right audiences with the right fundraising messages. We were able to revamp their lead acquisition strategy and build a strong foundation of supporters to launch a successful first digital fundraising campaign.


Growth of NPT's social following


New email leads generated


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