Implementing a Multi-Channel Strategy for Student Recruitment

Media Cause has been partnering with Year Up for over two years to help with student recruitment efforts nationwide across multiple sites.

For this campaign, we activated and optimized a multi-touchpoint media strategy across a wide mix of platforms, reaching young adults on their own turf while maximizing the program’s budget. Specifically, our goal was to support 14 of Year Up’s individual site recruitment goals to drive a total of 8,200 student leads.

Student Recruitment Strategy

Our strategy tested their social platforms and job boards to see where we could most effectively meet the young adults, subsequently building a retargeting audience size of more than 100,000 prospective new students. To complete the student’s journey, we optimized Year Up’s general interest form page and creating market-specific landing page variants for a personal touch.


Increase in prospective student leads


Decrease in acquisition costs


Of goal achieved
Captivating Words & Images


Powerful work deserves powerful communications. Copywriting, infographics, email headers, landing pages – the list goes on – all help you move communities toward organizational goals.

Multi-Touchpoint Campaigns


Momentum matters. When we need supporters to take action, we strive to meet them where they are – on their Twitter feed, in their inbox or chatting with their friends.

Track Everything


Tracking digital efforts provides a clear path to optimizing and prioritizing next steps. It can take a minute to set up, but is always, always worth it.

Captivating Words & Images


Across the campaign, we leveraged custom images to effectively promote the campaign and reach the highest engagement levels possible. Visuals and messaging across platforms centered around key targets via age, gender, demographics and specified interests.

Paired with multi-channel campaigns across social, search, and display, we achieved 100% of Year Up’s student recruitment goals.

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