John Templeton Foundation Influencer Research & Analysis


John Templeton Foundation (JFT) provides grants to studies that furthers informed dialogue between scientists, philosophers, and theologians related to some of the most complex questions about humankind. We aimed to explore nonprofit audience research to identify who would most benefit from the Foundation’s funding opportunities.

Our purpose for this project was to better understand the behaviors and preferences of each of JTF’s five primary nonprofit audiences, including where/how they consume information online and the thought leaders and organizations they follow. 

The Outcome

To enhance the reach of the John Templeton Foundation, we developed key audience personas and identified strategic partnership opportunities through social listening and explored nonprofit audience research to help drive awareness and scale digital marketing efforts.


Survey respondents


New partnership opportunities identified


Average email open rate
The Strategy

Audience Discovery & Analysis

Before we can achieve a client’s goals, we need to know the lay of the land. Our discovery process allows us to assess existing efforts, successes, and opportunities before we dive in.

To understand who benefits from the research of the JFT, Media Cause conducted an analysis to see how nonprofit audience research can work as a catalyst to bring supporters in the door.

Social Listening & Analysis

We leverage third-party insights to create a full-picture view of our clients’ key target audiences, as well as explored nonprofit audience research as a catalyst to reach supporters in order to enhance their reach.

Build & Engage Communities

Our clients need help to change the world. Getting the right supporters on their side, and keeping them involved with the mission is critical to creating impact.

Through this process, we identified new thought leaders and organizations that provide value to these audiences, in an effort to lay the foundation for further engagement opportunities between JTF and new partners. 

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