The digital advertising landscape is constantly changing, yet one thing remains constant — data is king and an integral component to building effective digital advertising campaigns.

Our process starts by gaining a focused understanding of your audiences, what motivates them, and where they consume media – both online and across the broader market landscape – to identify the needs of each segment. Then we develop a plan to reach them with the right message, in the right place, at the right time, in an effort to engage them in the most meaningful and effective way. 

Throughout the campaign, we use a data-driven approach to keep a close eye on what’s working — and what’s not — so we can update and optimize to ensure your media buy is having the greatest impact, keeping acquisition costs down, and ultimately helping you reach your campaign goals. 

Our team is comprised of experts who keep a constant pulse on innovative media solutions and industry trends, have built relationships with a long list of vendors, and executed campaigns across a wide range of media, from social and search to programmatic, native and video solutions.

Audience + Market Research

In an effort to understand your campaign’s target audience, we’ll conduct research to identify their key interests and motivators in relation to your organization’s goals, as well as where they spend time online. Additionally, we’ll conduct market research to understand the current landscape, competitors and new marketing opportunities

Platform Discovery + Analysis

We’ll dig into any previous campaigns, looking at platforms, audiences, content, tactics and timing, to understand and analyze their effectiveness in driving results.

​Campaign Strategy + Media Planning

We’ll develop a comprehensive go-to market strategy and ideal media mix aimed at generating results. Our media plan will include a breakdown of the budget, targeting tactics, creative, A/B testing, and campaign projections, as well as a flight plan with key milestones and pivot points. We’ll also identify our key performance indicators for measuring campaign success.

Throughout the length of the campaign, we’ll provide ongoing check-ins and make updates to both short-term and long-term media strategies and projections based on campaign data.


Asset Development

Based on our media plan, we’ll develop and design all relevant campaign assets needed to launch a multi-channel campaign, including social ads, static and animated banners, videos, landing pages and more. Our focus will be on crafting visuals and messaging, tailored to each audience, to attract the greatest interest and click-through action.

Campaign Setup + Launch

With our campaign strategy and assets ready, we’ll conduct setup of ads across platforms, including all necessary tracking implementation and quality assurance best practices, as well as the set-up of any formal A/B tests. Ready, set, launch!

Ad Management, Optimization, + Testing

Throughout the campaign, we’ll monitor ads closely and make optimizations grounded in data, such as turning ads and placements on/off, re-allocating budgets between platforms & audiences, making bidding optimizations and creative tweaks.

Vendor Relationship Management

To date, we’ve worked with dozens of ad platforms and media partners — we understand how to vet and engage with a variety of media vendors. 

We’ll manage ongoing communication with each recommended media partner to ensure campaign success via regular optimizations and will provide campaign troubleshooting as needed.

Reporting + Analytics

We’ll identify key campaign performance metrics, and develop a reporting framework for understanding campaign success.  This includes delivering a weekly performance dashboard to monitor campaign performance (based on our key performance indicators), and provide ongoing optimizations and recommendations to drive results. 

At the end of every campaign, we’ll provide a comprehensive wrap-up report to provide further insights/recommendations for future campaigns.