Unity College is a non-profit institution with a distinctive approach to learning to provide students with an exceptional, high-quality education, enabling them to drive real change with leading-edge knowledge and expertise.

Our team worked with Unity College to construct their online student recruitment strategy. Targeted Facebook ads and a quiz helped America’s Environmental College capture leads while building out an audience of prospects.

The Outcome


number of leads generated with same advertising budget


increase in website traffic


decrease in cost per lead acquired
The Challenge

Like with any online student recruitment strategy, our challenge with Unity College was this: How do we entice prospective students to visit their website and request more information?

Capturing the attention of millennials is no easy task. In order to get in front of Unity College’s target audience, we knew we’d have to create a fun, interactive way for prospective students to get to know the college, and even a little bit about themselves in the process. From this challenge, Unity College’s Green Careers Quiz campaign was born.

The campaign had 4 distinct goals.


Using quiz creation tool Qzzr, we developed an Environmental Leader Quiz aimed at helping prospective students discover which of Unity College’s 16 environmental majors they were most interested in. The quiz was embedded on Unity’s website, where a special pixel captured information about these visitors in order to retarget them later on through social media and SEM ads.

To get people to the quiz, we ran a series of Facebook ads with green careers messaging to the following 3 audiences:

1. Prospective Students: general interests in outdoor recreation, environmentalism, nature, sustainability
2. Video Ad Viewers: prospective students who viewed a previous Facebook video ad campaign
3. Personas: prospective students with interests related to 8 target personas developed for the college

The Results

Our most effective messaging painted an authentic picture of a real career, with images of someone working in the field, showcasing something achievable for prospective students. Additionally, the messaging that performed the best incorporated a strong, direct CTA to take the quiz.

Fun Fact: “Outside in a park” or “working with animals” were the most common answers for what this target audiences – dream office – looks like.

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