Designing Ads and Landing Pages for Teacher Recruitment


Uncommon Schools is a charter school network with 53 schools across 5 cities in the northeast. Media Cause has partnered with Uncommon Schools on staff recruitment and student enrollment efforts for nearly five years. 

Uncommon Schools’ staff recruitment advertising content needed a refresh and our team worked with Rochester Public Schools to design ads and landing pages geared towards new teacher recruitment.

The Challenge

It can be difficult to recruit teachers in upstate New York. Rochester Prep, an Uncommon Schools charter, and the Rochester City School District (RCSD), approached us with a challenge: to help them recruit teachers for both schools with a single, unified campaign. 

As charter and public schools, these two school systems typically competed for teachers and talent, but in order to elevate the brand of both schools, they decided to enter into a joint recruitment campaign. Their shared goal was to recruit a more diverse set of teachers to better equip their diverse student body for success.

The Strategy

Developing a Campaign Concept

To develop the content needed for the campaign, we first had to come up with a campaign concept.

We started with an audience analysis to better understand RSCD and Rochester Prep’s target audiences. Using on-platform data and third-party tools, we explored digital behaviors, affinities, and potential motivators for individuals who might be looking to teach in Rochester to inform our campaign strategy and messaging.

The Implementation

Auditing Current Recruitment Content

After identifying our target audience of interested teachers, we audited existing teacher recruitment content to identify common messaging themes as well as differences and evaluate which existing messaging components would be most effective in the joint campaign.

From the content audit findings, we were able to develop a framework of primary messaging appeals to guide our campaign concepting.

Two-Month Digital Advertising Campaign

Understanding more about the school districts and their unique value proposition, we designed a strategy for a two-month digital advertising campaign to reach minority, mission-driven teachers and raise awareness of the opportunity to make an impact as a teacher in Rochester, New York.

We focused on the shared mission of the schools: to prepare all students to enter and succeed in college through effort, achievement, and the content of their character. The messaging highlighted the unique opportunities teachers have to create impact on students in Rochester.


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Creating a Unique Look

After developing a marketing strategy to communicate directly to prospective teachers, we next created a unique look and feel that would work for both school districts, including color palette, typography, infographics, and photography style.

Once the look and feel was established and agreed upon by both school districts, we produced a series of display ads to be leveraged during the campaign. Lastly, we created a printed and digitally distributed PDF that both school districts could use as collateral for teacher recruitment.

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