Donation Page Best Practices Increase Donation Revenue by 40%


To increase rates of donations for Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), we focused on optimizing user experience, along with utilizing donation page best practices to better the website. These website updates led to a 40% increase in their donation rate.

Our goal was to get MOAS blog content, which profiles their search and rescue missions, in front of a wider audience. We used Taboola, a paid content discovery network, to drive as many clicks to their site as possible. This increased traffic allowed us to build a retargeting audience with branded messaging. We also optimized landing pages that used donation page best practices throughout the MOAS website with clear call-to-action buttons. Additionally, we set up Google event tracking to monitor performance, determining which buttons were driving the highest amount of conversions. Using those analytics, we focused on driving more search traffic to those better-performing pages, thus increasing donation revenue by 40%.


Increase in on-site conversion rate


Increase in donation button clicks


Increase in donation revenue

User Experience Optimization

If all of the details come together perfectly, a user feels taken care of. Promoting trust and inspiring action from the smallest detail to the biggest message moves missions.

Captivating Words & Images

Powerful work deserves powerful communications. Copywriting, infographics, email headers, landing pages—the list goes on—all help you move communities toward organizational goals.

Track Everything

Tracking digital efforts provides a clear path to optimizing and prioritizing next steps. It can take a minute to set up, but is always, always worth it.


Taking stock of MOAS’ site structure and popular pages, we optimized landing pages and blog content for on-page conversions. Through our work, we identified the strongest donation referral sources and gained insight into MOAS’ most active donor audience, developing a process for better understanding MOAS impact over time.

We instituted website changes to drive more donations, including 7 new donation buttons and an optimized call-to-action on mission pages. We also tested a new donation pop-up box and installed event tracking to monitor performance. With these implementations, we drove a 55% increase in donation button clicks – 12% coming from optimized blog pages.

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