Using Google Ad Grant to Reach Teachers and Parents

Common Sense is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a rapidly changing world. Their goal is to build one of the largest communities of parents and teachers who are fully equipped to teach their kids and students about media while keeping them safe.


Increase in website visitors from their Ad Grant


Parents received media recommendations and parenting tips


Increase in registrations compared to 2018.

“"Common Sense has partnered with Media Cause for a variety of marketing strategy and execution projects over the past five years, particularly in the area of SEM and ad grant management. As director of membership, I rely on their proactive approach to account optimization, their intimate knowledge of Google Ad Grants policy, and their responsiveness. They understand how SEM helps us acquire members in our mission to improve the lives of kids, and have created sophisticated tactics to help us reach our goals." ”

Paul Holman-Kursky Director of Membership


Common Sense provides teachers and parents with up to date resources to teach children and students how to appropriately use media. Their main challenge is reaching new teachers and parents who could use these resources to teach their children and students how to thrive in a digital age.


We created a targeted Google Ad Grant strategy that on targeted specific ad groups based on the demands and inquiries from teachers and parents. We leverage their website data and content, as well as keyword search trends to create dynamic and highly-targeted Search ads that delivered the exact resource a parent or teacher was looking for. This strategy allowed us to be in the right place at the right time with the right message—providing exactly what the parent or teacher needed.


Targeted Keywords & Search Ads

Based on new content ideas and keyword research, we created new campaigns to align with Common Sense’s mission of improving the lives of kids and their families by providing the education they need to thrive int eh 21st century. Our Google Ad Grant strategy allowed us to provide that information and education.

In order to create greater ROI and fully leverage their free media from Google, we optimized our ongoing ad strategy by utilizing keyword insertion and ad scheduling. This strategy allowed us to reach more users based on their searches and online user behaviors. We were able to use ad scheduling to match when parents and teachers were online the most.

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