Creating User Experiences to Resonate Across Audiences

The Winchendon School Website Redesign

The Winchendon School is a private preparatory academy in Northern Massachusetts. They approached us to help create a cohesive website experience to drive admissions and position their content to resonate across a diverse set of audiences and perform well on search. We started with keyword research to inform a content development and SEO strategy that would focus on elevating compelling user experiences. Through our wireframing, design, and development process we refined the product to help the Winchendon School create a beautiful and functional website.

Content and visual design were hand-in-hand in this project. Our design strategy and development approach were highly informed by the findings during the keyword research phase of the project and by SEO best practices.

  • The Winchendon School

Content Strategy, Copywriting, Research & Insights, Technology, Website Design and Development.

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