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Health Cares About IPV (Futures Without Violence) Website Redesign

Our goal was to build an engaging online space that would provide resources and downloadable tools for health centers and domestic violence advocates, and help cultivate partnerships between them so that they could provide better care to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Our plan was simple – understand how to help people that are helping survivors. What content do they need and how do we make it easy for it find? This is our approach for all our strategies. We focus on putting the user at the center of the communication model. Always asking – would the end user find this helpful?

Design that is measurable. Great content and user experience are only the first part of having a successful website. We implemented a data measurement plan to track how our design was performing. Again, asking ourselves – would the end user find this successful. Through launch and optimization post-launch, we were able to create an effective website that easily provided the resources needed for health care practitioners and domestic violence advocates to make the most impact possible.

Coming up with a comprehensive information architecture for the site was our first and most important task. After establishing the users’ needs, we developed new branding and an updated look-and-feel.

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