Nonprofit ads and landing pages to bring families together

Connecting potential foster and adoption parents with forever families

DePelchin Children’s Center is an accredited foster care and adoption agency that serves the most vulnerable children and families in Texas and works to break the cycles of abuse and neglect. DePelchin needed to reach new audiences of prospective foster and adoption families, and hadn’t yet seen success on digital. They needed the help of research and experts to understand the efficacy of acquiring new family leads and nurturing them for fostering or adoption.

Media Cause partnered with DePelchin Children’s Center to generate new leads to become foster or adoptive parents. The pilot paid search campaign included strategy development, creative production, and campaign management. First, we set out to learn more about their current audiences to help inform our approach to the campaign strategy and creative design.

To coincide with the campaign launch, we created custom landing pages for their target audiences and developed corresponding images for social media. Landing page recommendations focused on creating different messaging to test language effectiveness in capturing qualified leads based on target audiences. ”¨We developed 4 visual collaterals to inspire people to get more information about becoming foster/adoptive parents. Adoption families were featured as the focal point of the campaign.

Building on Depelchin's branding, we created a landing page template that could be duplicated and updated for future campaigns. We developed two versions of the landing page to A/B test and optimize our signup forms based on which page format converted best.

Through our work with optimized landing pages and targeted search and display ads, we drove 100 foster/adoption lead sign-ups at a 6.06% conversion rate. We were able to identify the top-performing images, messaging, and audience targeting to help inform Depelchin's strategy and approach for future campaigns.

  • DePelchin Children's Center

Communications Strategy, Creative, Landing Page Design, Paid Media, Visual Design.

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