Nonprofit Ad Design For Children’s Health Programs

Nonprofit Ad Design For Children's Health Programs

BOKS Kids offers programs that help children in underserved communities stay healthy and active. They were looking to recruit new trainers, school communities, and youth organizations to expand the reach and impact of their programs to more children. However, BOKS wasn’t sure which types of messaging would resonate best with their target audiences of trainers and schools. They also faced an additional challenge: recruiting trainers and schools is no easy task, as implementing BOKS programs can seem like a big undertaking.

We developed a recruitment campaign for BOKS to test messaging strategies that best resonated with their target audiences. In a discovery and analysis leading up to the ad design and test campaign launch, we had identified BOKS’ audience personas. This was essential in developing high-quality advertisements that would speak to these target audiences, as we were able to understand their audience’s motivations for getting involved with BOKS.

After the discovery phase, we set out to create a formalized test campaign, focused on acquiring new trainers or schools. The strategy had a clear plan to test the audience personas and messaging tactics we had identified as high-impact for BOKS during the discovery period.

From a design standpoint, we faced another challenge: BOKS had just done a soft launch of their new brand. The new branding hadn’t been introduced online outside of updating social media icons. We had brand identity documentation, but the brand guidelines lacked clear do’s and don’t’s as the brand identity was still being developed.

Using this new brand identity, we created a Facebook ad campaign leveraging their updated brand look and feel. We gathered their updated assets with new shapes, colors, and fonts. We then developed a plan to build out the substantial library of ad creative. We wanted it to be easily editable for quick scaling and reproduction.

Once the creative was ready, we set out to test platform selections, targeting, and messaging. We launched the campaign for two weeks, then took a deep-dive into the results to determine the next steps for the campaign. After two weeks, we were able to refine our approach based on results and identify the highest-impact platforms, target audiences, and messaging tactics for BOKS.

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