Informing Audiences About One of the World’s Largest Stateless Nations

The Kurdish Project Infographics

The aim of The Kurdish Project is to build cultural bridges between Westerners and Kurds in order to increase awareness and understanding of a people whose culture, language, and history has been underrepresented. Our challenge was to introduce the Kurdish people and share their history and values in a way that would compel Westerners to seek more information and eventually take action as vocal supporters of the Kurdish cause.

We developed a set of infographics that shed light on compelling Kurdish values while being social media-friendly and grounded in The Kurdish Project's brand identity. The infographics performed phenomenally well with engagements in the thousands and online reach in the millions. The infographics supported our goals of social community growth, traffic to the website and strong social engagement - all closely monitored KPIs for the client.

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