A New Microsite to Promote Healthy Workplace Culture

A New Website to Promote Healthy Workplace Culture

The 10,000ft View:

We helped Futures Without Violence build a great microsite within a quick timeframe on a low budget to meet their needs for a campaign promoting healthy workplace culture.

The Story + Strategy:

Futures Without Violence produced a campaign in 2019 called #CheckYourWorkplace, which promotes change to end sexual harassment in the workplace. They needed help putting together a website to promote the campaign on a very short turnaround of approximately 4 weeks so that it could be ready to support the media they would be driving to it. We built a plan to enable the website to come together under the timeline and budget.

Futures came to us with a document containing all of the language they wanted on the key pages of the site. We applied our expertise in content strategy and copywriting to edit and structure their core ideas in an impactful way for their audience. The site drove visitors to participate in the campaign by providing the opportunity to sign up to receive a checklist for a Culture Walk – an employee-organized and led event to look for visible and less visible signs of gaps in equity, safety, and respect in the workplace.

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