Nonprofit Rebranding to Empower a Community

Trickle Up Brand Refresh

Typically our nonprofit rebranding clients ask for a new website. Trickle Up challenged us with everything but that — and a new logo. For Trickle Up, the complete brand overhaul included revised brand voice and messaging, brand look-and-feel, powerpoint template, excel template, brand guidelines, impact report template, infographic styling, email template, iconography, business collateral (digital & print), and social media assets.

Trickle Up knew they needed a nonprofit rebranding. To better serve people in extreme poverty & vulnerability advance their economic & social well-being, we focused on the people who can make the biggest impact: women. When women succeed, so can their families and children. Trickle Up did the research and five people benefit for each woman they reach, which means they’ve helped over 1.5 million people since 1979.

To leverage that insight, we wanted to bring women front and center in the visuals and in the messaging.

Working diligently to ensure all deliverables were met, and coordinated within the bigger brand, we developed the tone and brand voice for messaging and reporting. Simultaniously, we worked through colors, logos and overall brand look-and-feel. This branding allowed us to explore possibilities in Powerpoint templates, Excel template, impact report templates, infographic styling, email templates, graphics and iconography, business collateral in both digital & print, and social media templates and style guides.

In total, all of these assets rolled up into a bigger, overarching brand guideline to help navigate future projects while staying true to the work that was done.

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Brand Strategy, Communications Strategy, Email, Identity and Visual Systems, Social Media.

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