Nonprofit Branding and Website Redesign for Rheumatologists

Nonprofit Branding and Website Redesign for Rheumatologists

The 10,000ft View:

We helped United Rheumatology (UR) position themselves as an industry leader for independent rheumatologists by updating their nonprofit branding and website to look the part.

The Story + Strategy:

United Rheumatology (UR) is the go-to association for independent rheumatologists to advance their standard of care, while leading the charge on medical practices that take into account a person’s genetic history, as well as environment and lifestyle. UR has been around for a while, allowing it to ascend to an industry-leadership position, but its website looked a little worse for wear. The site had a very outdated visual presence, prospective and current members were finding it difficult to find the content they needed, and the unclear calls to action were making it challenging to navigate the site. They realized they needed a refresh, both in how the site looked, but also in how it functioned for the end user.

To visually position UR as a leader in their space, we completed a nonprofit branding overhaul and website redesign. UR offers their members a wide range of services and benefits to better the field of rheumatology, ultimately improving the quality of life for their patients, and it was our job to make sure those benefits were highlighted in an organized, easy to understand way.

As a starting point in this nonprofit branding and website refresh, we did a deep dive in the rheumatology space to determine how to best position UR at the top.


Once the research was done, we started designing a new look and feel that included iterations of a new logo, color palette, pattern library, typography, iconography and photography style. We considered any and all ways a person would visually encounter UR and wanted to ensure this new branding would translate to all mediums. After those were solidified, we moved on to the website redesign.

Using a WordPress-based site, we designed a new website utilizing UI and UX insights, as well as updated visual branding and designs. To put the site into action, our development team created the site so UR could input their own content, including multiple CRM integrations.

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