Website Redesign to Propel App Downloads

Website Redesign to Propel App Downloads

Websites redesigns can happen for a million reasons – rebranding, new technology, or in this case, to better the users experience to drive to more downloads. Partnering with Moment, we revamped their website to help transforms classes into communities through their app.

Moment allows teacher, parents and school staff communication to be handled effectively and efficiently so together, they can focus on what’s important: building a connected community around the kids and extend their learning at home.

We started by:

Developing UX and UI design

Revising copy for each section

Designing new branding elements

Incorporating parallax scrolling and CRM integration

By revising the website's user experience and user interface, we could streamline the site to showcase only what's important, clearing the path for the desired action of downloading the Moment app.

We also revised the copy, speaking directly to parents and teachers in a friendly, conversational tone. In this tone, we worked in search engine optimization to increase Moment's organic search rankings.

Then, we added new branding elements to give the look and feel a refresh. The bright, bold colors that are associated with early childhood education carry the theme that everyone is in this for the betterment of the kids.

Lastly, our development team brought the designs to life with a custom Wordpress site. With the clean design, additional "surprise & delight" elements were added in to keep users visually engaged - such as parallax scrolling, where background images move by slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth on a two-dimensional site. We also added video and CRM integration to seamlessly work with new and existing users.

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