Volunteer Recruitment to Help Children with Chronic Illness

Matching Families with Volunteer Coaches

CoachArt pairs families of children dealing with chronic illness and willing coaches of arts and athletics. Their programs create a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness.

When CoachArt set out to recruit prospective teachers and families into their programs, they needed to refresh the way they captured teacher and parent information. Reaching and engaging with families can be especially challenging, as families facing chronic childhood illness often do not have the time or energy to focus on anything outside of the next test or hospital visit. Volunteer recruitment is no small task, either, as the program requires a time commitment of at least 8 weeks per child match. To address these challenges, we recommended replacing their current landing pages with audience-specific pages that better spoke to each audience.

To design landing pages that effectively spoke to teachers and families, we first dove in and did audience research to understand the motivations and challenges of CoachArt’s unique audiences. We used the following approach to inform our landing page messaging and visual approach, ensuring they would be as specific as possible to CoachArt’s target audiences:

Audience research and persona development

Messaging strategy and concepting

Landing page design and development

We created specific landing page variations for the different target audience personas - targeting families and prospective volunteer coaches. We designed each landing page with its own unique look and feel, including typography, iconography and photography. We programmed each landing page using Unbounce.

The resulting "request information" landing page for volunteer coaches included more information about being a volunteer, a form for email capture, and a call-to-action specific to becoming a coach. For prospective families, the landing page included more information about enrolling their child in a CoachArt program, highlighting the benefits to families and children.

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